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City'n Move

Kiddy City'n Move by Kiddy UK is a quality buggy which has a large seat, big basket, tall handles, huge hood and is comfortable for the child. The pushchair can also be a travel system with the addition of an infant carrier such as the Evolution Pro 2 or the Kiddy Evo-lunafix. - [See full range]


Infant Carriers

Evo - Lunafix

Kiddy is setting new standards for infant carriers. In conjunction with the Kiddy Isofixbase2, the Evo Lunafix from Kiddy can be moved into an ergonomic lie-flat position even when travelling by car. The Kiddy Evolunafix is a safer way for a baby to travel to maintain health and encourage safer baby sleep. The Lullaby Trust supports the unique Evolunafix infant carrier. - [See full range]

Evolution Pro 2

The Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 is an infant carrier which had two recline positions: an upright one for use in or out of the car, and a lie flat one when the baby seat is used outside the car such as on a pushchair chassis as a travel system. The Evolution Pro 2 is suitable for babies up to 13kg and has a large comfortable seat. - [See full range]


Car Seats

Guardianfix Pro 2

The Kiddy Guardianfix Pro 2 is a good value for money car seat with excellent safety protection for a baby, toddler or child. It fits in the car using isofix fittings and uses an impact shield to keep young children safe. - [See full range]

Phoenixfix Pro 2

The Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro 2 is a high quality, safe car seat for your toddler. Suitable from 9 kg, the Phoenixfix Pro 2 is a quality car seat with superior impact shield protection and excellent side impact protection. Your child with be comfortable in their Group 1 car seat. - [See full range]


The Kiddy Smartfix grows with your child from 15 kg to 36 kg. The seat expands in width, height and depth to give superb comfort. The Smartfix has side impact protection and Kiddy shock absorbers to protect the child. - [See full range]


Streamline are especial editions from our 2015 collection.




The Kiddy Heartbeat is a baby carrier which allows a baby to be carried on the mother or father's chest or back. It allows the baby to be close to the parent cocooned in the baby carrier. - [See full range]